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The Art Of Equestrian Photography from Ree Photographics
Marie Cobb

andalusion on beachMarie Cobb’s love of photography, and in particular her passion for capturing ‘horses in action’ began in 1974 when she bought her first SLR 35 mm camera. She read everything she could get her hands on, and took her first photography course at Tulane University in New Orleans, La. She would photograph anything and everything and even set up a dark room in her converted bathroom so that she could develop her own pictures. Her passion for photography is linked closely to her desire for perfection, a great combination of skills and dedication for the professional photographer!

She decided to put these skills and commitment to quality to good use. She set up her own business, Ree Photo-Graphics. The business flourished as they covered a wide range of photographic work that included advertising shoots, portraits, commercial, wildlife, and sports photography. Then in the 1983, additional magic was added to the range of work Ree Photo-Graphics covered. Marie was given her first horse!

ojai shilouette Anne Hornbeak mare and foal Umenno of Rass Stud

She photographed her first horse event in 1984, a dressage show! When asked to photograph the show she replied,"Sure, I'd love to, but I have a problem, I don't know much about dressage, what is it?" Well with the same commitment and enthusiasm and a few informative publications she began her journey into the world of horse shows. She also attended a schooling show to find out what it meant to be able to capture horses in action and in particular the skills of photographing horses as they move through the complex routines of dressage work.

In 1991 she moved to the mecca of the horse world, Virginia. It was a great move for a skilled photographer and serious lover of horses! Horses and horse shows everywhere! She witnessed and photographed world class riding by the top equine athletes in the country. It brought a new dimension to her photography and it was at this time that she decided to concentrate her talent, energy and skills full time to equestrian photography!

Now her photographs have appeared and are currently appearing on national and international horse sites and in many publications, as well as on the walls and desks of many a proud owner and rider! This is confirmation indeed that the new direction for Ree Photo-Graphics has brought further success and even greater satisfaction for Marie.

In the ring, or wherever there is a need to capture the beauty, grace, and majesty of these wonderful animals, she is there with her camera, bringing power and quality to the finished product, the horse and the horse and rider in action!


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